Thursday, July 2, 2015

Word Work Wednesday Linky

Thank you to my bloggy friend Maggie from Maggie’s Kinder Corner for inviting me to link up for Word Work Wednesday. In my kindergarten classroom we spend a lot of time working on words. Last year, I implemented the Daily five and my students loved it.  Word work was one of the rotations and my students could choose from a variety of tasks. Letter stamps were definitely the most popular tub in our word work area.   One of my favorite activities is the skinny book(sorry don’t have a pic). This is a picture of a skinny book from Nellie Edge’s website.
In guided reading I use a journal where students record their word work at the end of our lesson.  I select a word from their GR book(usually a sight word) and write the letters on round stickers. The letters are not in order, so students have to peel them off and put them in the correct order. 

I also write sentences on construction paper and cut them up while my students read it.  Then they have to put the words in the correct order, glue them down, and draw a picture for the sentence. 

Click on the picture at the top of my post to go to Maggie’s blog. Check out her Word Work resources, grab her freebie and don't forget to link up!

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