Sunday, June 28, 2015

Teaching with Intention Chapter 4

This week chapter 4 is being hosted by Schroeder's Shenanigans in 2nd and Positively LearningHead over to their blogs to read their thoughts on “Creating Classroom Cultures that Support and Promote Student Thinking”.  Chapter 4 of Teaching with Intention was so powerful, because it is at the heart of what we want our students to be….metacognitive and reflective. 
I think that is so powerful for students.  As a teacher, I am accustomed to modeling many types of behaviors for my students, because this is what I want them to eventually do independently. However, it must be intentional, deliberate and planned.   For me, writing down questions will ensure that I am asking more open-ended higher-level questions rather than ones that don’t require students to think or create meaning of their experiences.  This video shows a kindergarten teacher using a think aloud to model making predictions.
She used sticky notes to mark places in the text that she wanted to use with the students.  This emphasizes the point that as teachers we must be intentional about our language, thus it must be planned. You will not be able to cultivate a classroom of thinkers if you are planning for it.

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